Tate Modern Collective present: Infinite Kusama

Infinate Kusama

The incredibly talented and internationally recognized artist Japanese artist Yayo Kusama is currently exhibiting at The Tate Modern. Her works are groundbreaking and have been for decades.

The exhibition has been running since 9th Febraury and is continues until the 5th June but we wanted to post this week because The Tate is putting on various workshops and events on 24th – 25th March In partnership with the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project and ReCreative UK Online – there’s even a Kusama UV Silent Disco! Take it from us, it’s well worth a visit. We even tested out ‘The Hello Box’ an interactive mirrored box where you can tweet it messages and it will react to different commands. This is what photo we were tweeted back from:’Go Blue and Pixelate’

Kusama Twitter

For more details: http://collectives.tate.org.uk/events/tate-collective-present-infinite-kusama


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