Mens Fashion: Nike Sportswear ‘What The Max’ Trainer Collection

Nike Sportswear What the Max Collection

The new Nike Hyperfuse ‘What the Max’ collection. Think bold pop art styling meets modern technology. A series of three iconic trainers given the ‘What the Max’ treatment, they are super slick and we love it. Hitting stores this month this new style features, you guessed it ‘Hyperfuse’ technology which is cleverly explained in this video:

Oh the life of a trainer designer…what a job. So as you can those clever guys Shane & Ben have built a new shoe that combines durability with breathability perfect for basketball players. We think it would actually be a shame to wear these trainers for basketball as they are just so damn cool in this unique bold colour mix so we say wear with jeans all summer long to make you smile!

These trainers offer performance technology through the Hyperfuse construction, you really need to see them up close to see how the layers are fused together rather than sewn together like regular trainers. Its a minimalist, slick approach to trainer design which may just transform the ‘sneaker’ industry and inspire a whole new range of products.

The Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse, Nike Air Max 95 Hyperfuse and Nike Air Max 2012 Hyperfuse are due to drop in store this month, so keeping checking back at:


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