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NikeiD Boxpark, Shoreditch, London 14th August 2012

Today Pick of the Week visited the NikeiD store, it’s a concept store allowing customers to create bespoke trainers and T Shirts to fit their style. The T Shirts are exclusive for two weeks and we were lucky enough to get to create one. They were kind enough to let us create a customised T Shirt. In a way it’s a celebration of the Olympics allowing each customer to choose a sports person, time and date plus national flag colours all totally dependant on the twitter feed around that sport.

NikeiD T Shirt NikleiD drawings

We choose Basketball on the 14th August 2012 @ 8pm. You can see the spikes creating a star effect around the player. This is the sort of thing Nike have made their name from, unique innovative ideas always moving sport forward. All due to two men in the 70s, Phillip Knight the athlete and Bill Bowerman the scientist, who created such a revolution in trainer technology. Bowerman’s experiment of pouring rubber into a waffle iron to create a soft and springy running shoe sole perfect for athletes worked and the principle idea is still used today. And the rest is history as they say…so take your slice of history and personalise your own Nike’s at NikeiD.

More information & to buy NikeiD online click NikeStore” target=”_blank”>here