Brand of the Week: S.E.H Kelly

S.E.H Kelly have just emerged and we just had to give our readers a bit of an insight into one of the most exciting brands for 2012. Having a workshop in Shoreditch, East London S.E.H Kelly have worked hard to source great quality fabrics from across the UK working with regional mills and co-operatives. Plus they produce the garments in limited runs, which makes it feel like every piece is special like a signed piece of art. We especially like the story behind each product, you can see where it came from and the features that make it so much better than the mass produced high street.

As competition from the East for cheap, mass produced fabrics and garments has grown UK suppliers have scaled back and refined their operations. Production is now a hybrid between traditional machinery and computer controlled technology ensuring the craftsmanship moves on and develops along with the new emerging talent. Plus many companies now all work together as a skilled team to pool together expertise. From mohair mills in West Yorkshire to a button maker in the Midlands established for over 150 years each finely made item will be used to create modern quality menswear we can now cherish.

Mohair Mill SEH Kelly
Button Mill SEH Kelly

Check out the collection here now:


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