Gray’s physiology: Callie’s most important connections. VIDEO CLIP: Callie’s most significant commitment

NYC — Dr. Calliope “Callie” Torres has received multiple connections during the woman 11 seasons with Grey’s Anatomy, particularly with Dr. Arizona Robbins. But, before she could enter her most crucial union, she had to go a lengthy and winding roadway.

So who do you think is perfect for Callie? Presently, she is online dating Dr. Penelope “Penny” Blake, A.K.A. a doctor that murdered “McDreamy.” But, will their union last after she simply forgotten custody of her daughter to Arizona due to the woman intends to stick to Penny to new york?


The orthopedic physician’s love life on tv show begun with her slipping in deep love with George O’Malley

who was simply then only an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. After an on-again off-again relationship, she befriends and begins sleeping with Dr. level Sloan, AKA “McSteamy.” Despite her “friendship with benefits” Callie reconciles with George and get hitched in Las Vegas. George was actually unfaithful with Izzie (actually that a-blast through the earlier?) so when Callie finds out, they see separated.

After some time on her behalf very own, Callie gets company with Dr. Erica Hahn exactly who tells Callie that she’s a lesbian while they’re hooking up. Incapable of fully manage that, they split up and now we never read Dr. Hahn again.


Callie’s union with Arizona is their earliest very serious lesbian union. They first kissed when you look at the restroom in the club, but Callie became distressed along with her later when George died. So that you can make Callie feel better, she stored providing their donuts, but that failed to look at really. Following the medical facility merger with compassion western — in which Callie went along to work for a short while — they returned together following the dramatic medical center shooting. Points ended suddenly when Arizona chose to just take a grant to aid little ones in Africa, leaving Callie about.

Callie had been heartbroken and desired benefits in level’s weapon. That nights they developed their own girl, Sofia. Arizona came back after lacking Callie and tried time and time again attain her back once again. Eventually, Callie announced to the girl that she is pregnant with level’s son or daughter. Arizona agreed to improve the son or daughter along with her.


They certainly were out creating whenever Arizona suggested to Callie and got the lady eyes from the street. They endured a head-on accident with a big truck, which lead to Callie nearly passing away and Sofia getting produced extremely premature. In the course of time, they were released from healthcare facility and Callie married Arizona and consented to co-parent with level.

That arrangement failed to last very long. An important turning reason for Arizona and Callie’s union got the airplane collision that killed level and Lexie. Arizona lasted the collision, but ended up needing to posses the lady leg amputated. Arizona battled together situation and finally performed every little thing she could to press Callie aside, like having an affair with Dr. Lauren Boswell. They experimented with stay with each other by purchasing a residence and wanting to posses an additional kid, but Arizona miscarried. After attending therapies for a long time, Callie questioned Arizona for a divorce.


The two been able to stay buddies for a while and happened to be even supportive of each additional matchmaking people

even though it ended up being never ever simple to enjoy. Callie and Penny’s commitment ended up being heading along fine, until she chose that she desired to adhere cent to nyc where she have lately acquired a study give. That will have suggested transferring Sofia from Arizona, who’s in addition Sofia’s mama. Struggling to arrived at mutual a custody contract, they lead to judge. In a stunning change of activities, Arizona claimed complete guardianship, despite Callie being Sofia’s biological mummy. Apparently the judge don’t need Sofia become removed from their house, college also mama to follow Callie’s girl nationally.

Could there be a cure for reconciliation ever before between Callie and Arizona? Callie chose to call it quits with Penny because she wouldn’t want to have an extended point commitment and lose any longer opportunity together with her daughter.

Enjoy the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

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